Professor Angus Menuge, Ph.D.
Professor Angus Menuge, 
Ph.D.Professor Angus Menuge, Ph.D.

Dr. Angus Menuge
Concordia University Wisconsin
12800 N. Lake Shore Drive
Mequon, WI  53097

(262) 243-4249  office  LU221 (upper Luther Hall)


Professor of Philosophy and Computer Science;
Chair of Philosophy

Educational Background

B.A. (Hons, First Class) in Philosophy, Warwick University, England (1985); M.A. (1987), Ph.D (1989) in Philosophy with internal minor in logic and external minor in computer science and cognitive psychology.

Employment Background

As Jerome K. Jerome said, I love work: I could sit and watch people work for hours. I have studiously tried to avoid so-called real-world employment, but let myself down badly by working as a computer programmer in England for two years, between 1989 and 1991. Just because I don’t have any money doesn’t mean I can’t live like an aristocrat. Since 1991 I have been employed by (and some slanderously assert that I work at) Concordia University Wisconsin.

Personal Background:

I had a somewhat Christian upbringing with a mixture of Roman Catholic and Church of England elements. Whilst a teenager, I became an agnostic, but retained an interest in religion and continued to find religious answers more persuasive than secular ones. Whilst at University I met the woman (Vicki Lynn Hubert) who is now my wife. She drew me back to the church, and I became an adult confirmand of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod. This helped to heal the wounds of my heart, but I still lacked an intellectual foundation for my faith. It was here, whilst I was supposed to be doing research in basically secular philosophy, that an unplanned (by me) foray into the works of C. S. Lewis was crucial. It all started with Surprised by Joy.

My interests now are in promoting Christian teaching and scholarship, and developing my own meager talents in that direction. Interests of mine are currently C. S. Lewis, G. K. Chesterton, Christianity and Culture, and the battle for the Christian Mind (if you want to know what that is, get George Marsden’s The Outrageous Idea of Christian Scholarship).